Sunnyside Botanicals | Pet CBD Tincture (THC Free)


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Just like in humans, there is evidence that CBD can be helpful in remedying several ailments in dogs, cats, and even smaller pets like rats, hamsters, and other critters. Sunnyside Botanicals Pet CBD Tincture will make your animals feel like themselves again.


Comes in a measured dropper bottle for convenient and accurate dosing.

Strength: 500mg / 30ml, 1 ml = 16.66 mg CBD | 1000mg / 30ml, 1ml = 33.33mg CBD


INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hemp-Extracted CBD-Isolate – VEGAN FRIENDLY, NON-GMO.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Follow dosage chart for initial dosage amount, once daily, or half dose 2x daily, increasing gradually if need be. We recommend dropping the tincture over your pets food.


500mg / 30ml, 1000mg / 30ml


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