Classic RAW Natural Rolling Papers – Various Sizes


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RAW Natural Rolling Papers are made from plants, and contain none of the crazy additives that are found in some other rolling papers. Each sheet of these RAW rollies is steam watermarked with our proprietary criss-cross imprint for a smooth, even burn. Enjoy easily rolling your favorite marijuana strain with these RAW papers, it’s what we use! ~ Only the best so you can forget the rest ;-}===~


RAW Classic 1¼

RAW Classic 1¼ is our original size. Also known as “Spanish Size”, 1¼ papers were the standard size of all rolling papers starting hundreds of years ago. Since then, many other shapes, sizes, and materials have been used to produce a wide variety of papers. Here at RAW, we’ve stayed true to our roots and make this paper from naturally unrefined plants with a natural tree sap gumline for an experience that is truly RAWthentic.

50 leaves per pack


RAW Classic Kingsize Slim

RAW Classic Kingsize Slim papers are designed for smokers who prefer a longer smoke. The introduction of RAW Classic changed the smoking landscape forever by introducing smokers to high quality, truly naturally unrefined papers that allow you to enjoy your smoke as nature intended! Proudly free from added dyes or chalk.

32 leaves per pack




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