After Dark


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Sunset Sherbert: Of all the sherbert lines that have been released, Sunset Sherbert is the standout champion. It’s the highest yielding and has the deepest set of color palettes. Sunset Sherbert shines through with it’s gelato and cookies lineage from an aroma perspective. Many exotics don’t yield particularly well, however Sunset Sherbert is one of the highest yielding exotics of the last decade and a rare cookie cultivar that performs outstanding in greenhouse and light dep environments.


Gush Mints: When we bred Gush Mints itself, we intentionally selected for traits and a terp profile that harken back to cultivars from the days of early legalization cannabis but also still meet the needs of today’s growers from a yield and THC%. Gush Mints has purple phenotypes and a nose that spans the gamete across it’s bouquet which can include notes of creamy-gelato, vanilla-frosting, gas, and burnt rubber. Kush Mints in and of itself has many of these traits, however it can be a particularly slow vegging plant. With Gush Mints, we crossed Kush Mints with our selected pheno of F1 Durb x Gushers, and the result is a polyhybrid that we feel is a defining cultivar for 2021.


The combination of these two vanguard varieties is just as sexy as the name sounds——this is cannabis for the connoisseur, for the serious hobbyist home grower, or as a gift for that friend who’s always on the hunt looking for something special that cuts through the noise of more commonplace varieties. From our perspective, this is contemporary California cannabis in a nutshell.


1/2oz (14g), 1oz (28g)


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